Principal's Message:

Thank you for taking this opportunity to gather some information about our school.  We invite you to take a closer look at our website to see if what we have to offer is what you desire for your child.

As a Christian school, our number one priority is that our students learn of the
matchless love of Jesus Christ.  A grace-oriented atmosphere permeates our whole school where worship, prayer, and Bible study are integrated throughout each day.

Our program is diverse, progressive, child-centered, and embodies the goals of
healthy relationships, academic excellence which focus on 21st Century Skills, and service to others.

Our curriculum involves application and higher-order thinking skills which help to prepare our students to compete academically, with annual standardized test
scores at the 90th percentile.

We welcome your thoughts and questions and are here to serve you and your family.  We encourage you to schedule a free Educational Success Consultation, designed to actively engage and support you in making this educational decision for your child.

In Christ’s Service,
David Carreon