Pine Hills Adventist Academy

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Pine Hills Adventist Academy Sports Program

We at Pine Hills offer a variety of sports junior high and varsity sports including flag football, volleyball, and basketball.

Core Values of the Sports Program
-Attitude: Life and business are full of competition. Competitive sports create the opportunity to prepare students in life in a manner reflective of Jesus Christ who we serve.

-Outcomes: Winning and losing are in God's hands. Our goal is to prepare to win, learn team play, give it our best, then leave the outcome to God.

-Authority: We are under the authority of God and God-given authorities throughout life. Umpires, officials, and coaches are to receive honor and respect at all times.

-Rules: God gives us commandments that teach us to honor Him and respect one another. Rules of the game, team play, are all part of teaching students the value of working within the body of Christ and common society to achieve goals.

-Respect: Students and teammates are valued and respected apart from their performance. While students are placed on teams where their talents and skills build team goals, each student is loved and appreciated for who he/she is, not how they perform.

-Conditioning: While maintaining a balance, sports provides the opportunity to teach the value of training our minds, conditioning our bodies, and focusing our hearts on Jesus in preparation for life's tests and challenges. 

-Our Goal: Discipleship is following God's lead throughout our lives. Sports play can prepare students to live in...
  • Submission to God's authority
  • Obeying His commandments
  • Maintaining their minds, bodies, and hearts for His use
  • Surrendered to God's choice of outcomes for their lives
  • Loving and valuing others apart from their actions and
  • Using the gifts and talents God has given each of them to acheive the goals of Jesus Christ within the church and society in which they live.