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Payments Quick, Easy, and Secure
Pine Hills Adventist Academy has been extremely blessed by the faithful and generous support of our parents, alumni, constituent churches, and community friends. For your convenience, we can now accept donations and payments here online at no cost to you.

Making your payment or donation online gives you more control over when and where you pay. With online payments you can:
  • Instantly know your payment was received
  • Avoid having your payment lost in the mail
  • Save time and the inconvenience of taking payments to the office
When you are ready to process a credit card payment for a donation, to pay an invoice, or tuition payment, or to help support a school project or fundraiser, please click on the PAY NOW button below to begin processing your payment.

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

*If you are paying an invoice or bill, please make sure you enter the invoice number along with your credit card information for proper tracking of your payment.


For additional assistance, please contact Lori Baril at 530.885.9447 or send an email to

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