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The Music Department at Pine Hills Adventist Academy
"Let the whole earth sing to the Lord! Each day proclaim the good news that He saves." -1 Chronicles 16:23

Jill Genobaga is the Director of Music for PHAA. She teaches the Kindergarteners through 12th grade music. She is hard working, passionate in what she does, and has a love for music.

Students that find themselves in the Pine Hills music department can be expected to be challenged as musicians, but also as individuals. Their knowledge will be increased, and so will their memory of fun times.

Music Program-Elementary & Jr High
A choir and music appreciation program is conducted for grades K-8. In addition to choir and learning about music, grades 5-8 are in both choir and band. Grades are based on attendance in the class, and music performances, as well as cooperation and doing their best. 

Music Program-High School
Course descriptions for the Music Programs available to High School at Pine Hills:

Concert Band: Open to all students who can demonstrate playing ability on a wind or percussion instrument. Concert Band provides all students an oppurtunity for expression, musicianship, and teamwork with others in order to communicate a musical message to those listening. The student will not only strengthen relationship with others, but develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the music. May be repeated for additional credit, class is a year long commitment. (5 Units)

Choir: Open to all students, and proveids an oppurtunity to excersice expression, musicianship, and teamwork to communicate a vocal message to those listening. In practicing and performing literature to many different genres, the students will grow musically and spiritually, as they discover the ministry music holds in bringing others closer to Christ through performances. May be repeated for additional credit, course is a year long commitment. (5 Units)

Choraliers: Is an auditioned choir of a set of number of voices within each vocal part. Performing more difficult music that Choir, Choraliers expands on and adds focus on individual attitude, confidence, leadership, and talent to unite as one body of sound. Enrollment in Choir is required for those in the Choraliers. This course may be repeated for additional credit, and is a year long commitment. (10 Units)