Pine Hills Adventist Academy

K-12 Excellence in Christian Education
Mission Statement
Pine Hills Adventist Academy is a Christ-centered, academically challenging K-12 school. We are dedicated to preparing students for college, for careers, for community service, and for a life with Christ. 

Pine Hills Adventist Academy exists to provide a value centered Christian education in an environment of academic excellence. 


Pine Hills Adventist Academy belives that every young person is reachable, teachable, lovable, and saveable.
God has a plan and a purpose for his/her life.


As a Christian school, Pine Hills Adventist Academy will value each student as an individual, challenging him/her to dream great dreams while offering them the freedom to be young.
It will endeavor to develop confidence to face an uncertain world, discipline to build strong character, and strength to overcome adversity. It will provide the opportunity to discover a loving Creator, and the principles that underline His character and government and how, by understanding the principles of His character and potential in this life and the life to come.